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MODHOUSE is a full-service Product Development studio providing creative direction, collaboration and execution from initial Concept to Delivery.

Brand Development
During this phase we work with you to understand your brand vision. This includes a creating a clear DNA of the Brand, Design Ethos, Consumer Profile and Competitive Landscape to ensure your brand is successfully positioned. 
Material Sourcing
During this phase we work to determine your material and trims palette. We have an expansive network of over 30 fabric mills both domestic and overseas. We partner with these sources to provide you a variety of options that fall within your budget.
Line Planning
During this phase we perform detailed Market/Trend Research, Competitive Analysis and Consumer Research to determine your seasonal line plan. We create and manage a detailed calendar and work and finalize and manage all finance targets.
During this phase we translate the approved designs into detailed Tech Packs and collaborate on Trims and Branding. These details will be used to communicate our finished goods to the factory.
Tech Packs
During this phase we partner with you to brief our Design team on the specific styles and silhouettes for your collection.  We work to collaborate through iterations of black/white drawings, colored line art and prints.
During this phase we design internal and external branding labels across your collection.  We partner with our vendors to develop label samples in a variety of materials.  Upon approval, we manage the label production process through delivery.
During this phase we review and modify first samples through pre-production samples.  We correct the fit, adjust design
details and make improvements.  
Fit Sessions
We collaborate with your team in person to make all critical adjustment on fit models to ensure the perfect fit. 

We offer hourly consulting services to support you on any business, creative or product needs.

We have premium factories all around the globe. During this phase we work to create pre-production samples for final review. Upon approval, we manage the production process through delivery.

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